CMT Instructions

Once you've been notified by email that papers have been assigned to you, please log into the CMT site (, choose the “Reviewer” role on top, and follow the steps below.

1. Download your papers.

To download individual papers, you can click the links underneath individual paper titles. Or, you can click the “Actions” button in the top right corner and then choose “Download Files”. This allows you to download a zip file containing all the papers plus supplementary files (if available).

2. Check for possible conflict or submission rule violations.

Contact the Program Chairs ( as well as your Area Chair (via CMT) immediately if:

  1. You think you are conflicted with the paper (see the section entitled “Avoid Conflict of Interest” above).

  2. You think the paper violates submission rules regarding anonymity, double submission, or plagiarism (please refer to Author Guidelines for precise definitions of what is and isn’t considered acceptable). In the meantime, go ahead and review the paper as if there is no violation. The Program Chairs will follow up, but it may take a bit of time.

3. Review papers and assign them a preliminary (pre-rebuttal) rating.

For a paper, under the review column, click "Edit Review" to get to the review form. Before you start writing your reviews, make sure you have read the Reviewer Guidelines above.

4. (Optional) Review papers offline.

To enable offline reviewing, go to “Actions - > Import Reviews”. You can select papers and click “Download” to obtain XML review stubs and the update files as needed. Once you are done updating, you can upload the file from the same page. We suggest that you use an XML editor to edit the file. You should always verify the review after uploading by inspecting it online.

5. Participate in discussions with Area Chairs and other reviewers.

After the rebuttal period, reviewers will work with Area Chairs to clear up any confusions and attempt to reach consensus on papers. The CMT site has an electronic bulletin board feature that allows Area Chairs to contact reviewers anonymously. Once the Area Chair posts a note, reviewers will be notified and asked to log in to see the post and respond. The identities of the reviewers will be hidden from each other (but not from the Area Chair).

6. Enter your final (post-rebuttal) recommendation.

After the rebuttal period you will enter your final recommendation on CMT. This may differ from your preliminary rating, and should reflect your judgment taking into account all the other reviews, the authors' rebuttal, and the discussion about the paper (if any).