ICCV23 Live Platform

UPLOADS (updated 2023-09-25)

The deadline for the upload of additional files has been extended to September 27 (2:00 PM CET).


  • uploading these files is not mandatory. It's an opportunity for authors of papers (orals and/or posters) to share additional info;
  • if you upload a wrong file, you just have to upload again the right version of this file (not all your files): it's the last ones that will be displayed 
  • you don't need to zero pad your paper ID: "00123" and "123" will both be interpreted as " ID=123"
  • the upload of your files may take quite a long time: the spinning grey arrow means that the file transfer is in progress, please wait until you get a message that confirms that the upload is complete.
  • If you enter an email address that is not in the CMT submission system, you may get a confirmation message but your files won't be saved, upload again your files with the right email address
  • If the website keeps refreshing continuously, it may be due to your browser, and especially shields that it uses. Apparently, event in the worst cases, the display of the content is eventually done.
  • If you want to check the files that are uploaded, click on "My files": each box on the page (the ones named "contact information") gives access to the files you have uploaded  when you click on them


Upload instructions and tips

*** Which files?

You can upload: 

- a 5 minutes video (max 1 GB - see tips below),

- the PDF of your paper,

- the PDF of your poster (max 4MB - see tips below),

- a custom link (url of a website related to your contribution). 

The additional contents that you will upload will be visible in the program details, on the page dedicated to each poster and oral presentation. If you don’t upload one type of file, it simply won’t be displayed. 


*** When?

The upload tool is available at https://app.imagina.com/iccv-2023/304544 until September 25th 12:00 PM September 27 (2:00 PM CET) . After that, no further uploads will be possible. 


*** Who?

An invitation to upload files was sent to all authors, please make sure that no co-author has already uploaded files for your paper before you do it.

To authors who have both an oral presentation and a poster. Same files will appear in both oral and poster pages: you don't need to upload your files twice. 


*** How?

The required CONTRIBUTION ID is your paper ID on the CMT submission system. If you make a mistake in the ID field, your document will be linked to someone else's paper and no file will appear in connection with yours. Be sure to double check your paper ID before you validate the upload: you won't be able to modify it once the files have been uploaded. 

This ID is also displayed here: https://iccv2023.thecvf.com/main.conference.program-107.php. 

Use the same EMAIL ADDRESS as in the CMT submission system: uploads using an unknown email address won’t be linked to any paper.

To authors who are responsible for uploading files for several papers (ie several different IDs). If you want to upload files for several presentations you are involved in, upload your files for each paper (ie for each contribution ID) separately: after the submission of the first set of files for the first paper ID, click once more on “Upload new files” and do the same for the second paper.


***** A few tips for the video.
It’s a 5 minutes maximum video, with a maximum limit of 1 GB per video. We recommend that you use MP4 format (with encoding between 12 and 15 mbs), which should give you a file of around 600 MB. Avoid shooting against the light, and use front lighting if possible. Place your camera at eye level (to avoid low-angle shots) and use a real microphone or a headset rather than your computer's sound recorder. Before uploading your video, check that the text is clearly displayed and readable. 


***** A few tips for the PDF of your poster.
You will have to reduce the size of your poster PDF (max 4MB) compared to the file you have prepared for printing. Nevertheless, check that it is still readable on screen.