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Oct. 2nd am

Oct. 2nd pm

  • Camera Geometry Problems in Computer Vision
    @room W07

    Zuzana Kukelova (Czech Technical University), Daniel Barath (ETH Zurich), Viktor Larsson (Lund University), Tomas Pajdla (CTU), Torsten Sattler (CTU)

  • Mixed-Reality for Biomedical Image Analysis and Clinical Neurosciences
    @room W08

    Johannes C. Paetzold (Imperial College London), Kaiyuan Yang (University of Zurich), Bjoern Menze (University of Zurich), Daniel Rueckert (Imperial College London), Ali Erturk (University of Munich), Rami Al-Maskari (University of Munich), Fabio Musio (University of Zurich), Izabela Horvath (University of Munich), Luciano Hoeher (University of Munich), Martin Menten (Imperial College London)

  • Self-Supervised Learning of Visual Representations
    @room P02

    Christoph Feichtenhofer (Meta AI), Xinlei Chen (Meta AI), Piotr Dollár (Meta AI), Ross Girshick (Meta AI), Kaiming He (Meta AI)

Oct. 3rd am

Oct. 3rd pm


Oct. 3rd